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Leadership and Nursing

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What are the challenges to leadership development in nursing health care?

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1. What are the challenges to leadership development in nursing health care? Thank you.

Perspectives from members of RNL's International Advisory Board, propose their ideas in terms of challenges in nursing leadership. United States and Canada are included, as well nurses from Sweden, Mexico, Germany and others. I attached these informative results (Saved as: Promoting Sustainability Through Collaboration.docx). For example, leadership challenges for nurses in United States on local, regional and global levels were proposed by Karen Hill, which include:

1. Age and Retention. In 2006, the average age of a nurse in the United States was 46.8 years. This has implications for retention of staff nurses due to physical requirements of the job, for nurse leaders in regard to succession planning, and for nurse faculties, which are reported to have an average age of 55 years.

2. Need for Collaboration. Nurse leaders need to collaborate with staff ...

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This solution explores the challenges to leadership development in nursing health care. Supplemented with two articles on nursing leadership and collaboration.

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