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Spirituality and Religion in Therapy

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How does religion/spirituality impact attitudes, perception, values, beliefs, and behaviors?

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Spirituality and Religion in Therapy

(1) How does religion/spirituality impact attitudes, perception, values, beliefs, and behaviors?

Definitions for spirituality and religion are provided by Richards and Bergins (2005) as the terms are used in a theistic framework. Spirituality is defined as, "invisible phenomena associated with thoughts and feelings of enlightenment, vision, harmony, truth, transcendence, and oneness with God; and religion is referenced as, "theistic religious beliefs, practices, and feelings that are often, though not always, expressed institutionally and denominationally" (p. 22). Research has utilized spirituality in the process of counseling wit interventions such as behavioral and cognitive psychology. The research shows that spirituality is an important dimension of personality, and an important domain in the lives of clients. For instance, studies show that spirituality and/or religion have been utilized to emphasize the wholeness of the person. Rogers' person-centered approach to therapy was to focus on the self from a spiritual perspective the inner "soul" as a part of the true self. According to Richards and Bergin (2005), "The widespread public interest in religion and spirituality has created a demand for psychotherapists to incorporate the spiritual values of their clients into the therapeutic process" (p. 9).

Religious experiences and spiritual issues are primary forces in cultural expressions, and is associated with various forms, moods and intensities that play essential roles in ...

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