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Discussing Healthcare and Spiritual Health

Recognizing that being a healthcare provider is a ministry of service, what are ways a healthcare provider can prepare to address spirituality in a healthcare setting for each of the following groups?

1. Oneself
2. One's patient
3. The patient's family
4. One's colleagues

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Research has shown that spirituality has been utilized in the process of counseling focused on spiritual interventions as positive dimensions of personality and well-being. For instance, when considering oneself, addressing spirituality can be utilized when considering the wholeness of the person. As an example, Richards and Bergin (2005) emphasize that Roger's person-centered approach to therapy was to focus on the self from a spiritual perspective based on the inner "soul" as a part of the true self. Thus, the provider encourages the person to know and understand the self in pursuing a life of stability and well being.

For example, in understanding the self, the person is able to understand his or her acions, and thus the individual will better understand the value and meaning in life. When considering the patient, according to Richards and Bergin, "The widespread ...

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