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    Jamaican Culture Specific Health and Illness

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    Discuss specific health and illness needs of the Jamaicans. Use epidemiologic data to support this section along with data from your research on health problems of this cultural group.

    Discuss the management of health and illness needs. How does this cultural group manage their health and illness needs? How do they interact with members of the mainstream healthcare delivery system and access services to manage health and illness needs? Describe any cultural and traditional health practices and providers that may be utilized by this culture.

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    Within the Jamaican culture there are many elder residents who have reached over 100 years of
    age. The infant mortality rate is around 24.5 per 1,000 and the maternal mortality rate is around 10.6
    per 1,000 (World Health Organization, 1000). The leading causes of death for children between the ages
    of 5 and 14 are poisoning, accidents, and violence. Respiratory illnesses such as asthma, pneumonia,
    and bronchitis are common. Ailments with diarrhea as the primary symptom are also common. Slightly
    more than 60 percent of those living in rural areas have clean drinking water while the percentage is
    close to 98 percent for those living in urban areas. The rate of disease of the circulatory system,
    including heart disease, stroke, and arteriosclerosis is relatively high at 214 deaths per 1,000 compared
    to the rate of deaths for communicable diseases at 33 per 1,000 (WHO, 2001). This is believed to be
    caused by dietary changes and the increasing acceptance of highly processes foods in the diet similar to
    those found in the typical American diet. In the past Jamaicans consumed greater amounts of
    carbohydrates though they were typically in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    Current challenges involve funding and supply of health care services through the National
    Health Service. While private physicians and health care services are available few people have enough
    income to pay for them. Because violence is a health issue for children the government and schools
    have ...

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