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Standards of Practice & Spiritual Care in Nursing

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Find the professional standards of practice for your field. Do they address spiritual care? If so, how? If not, how would you address the need for spiritual care in your field?

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In, "Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice" under competencies of the registered nurse on Page 41:

"Uses health promotion and health teaching methods appropriate to the situation and the healthcare consumer's values, beliefs, health practices, developmental level, learning needs, readiness and ability to learn, language preference, spirituality, culture, and socioeconomic status."

Also, on page 23 there is more information pertaining to spirituality.

"The art of nursing embraces dynamic processes that affect the human person, including, for example, spirituality, healing, empathy, mutual respect, and compassion. These intangible aspects ...

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This response utilizes several references to outline the professional standards of practice with respect to spiritual care in the nursing field.