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Spirituality in nursing

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Issues and innovations in nursing practice: A kaleidoscope of understandings: Spiritual nursing in a multi-faith society. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 45(5), 457-462. Maclaren j. (2004) Journal of Advanced Nursing 45(5), 457ââ?¬"464. They noted that e in favor of the mess of ideas because it seems the best way to preserve the meaningfulness of spiritual experience. Why do you think this is the case? Do you agree with Moya and Brykczynska (1992) who make a good argument when they write that the human spirit may be humanly indescribable. Really, how would you describe this? If, as Byrne (2002) suggests, spirit is a concept not open to definitive expression in words, then there cannot be a textbook definition of either spirituality or spirit. Definitions of related concepts can only provide a starting point from which nurses can engage with spiritual nursing. This is interesting why do you think that spirituality is no open to definitive expression in words? The author went on to say that spiritual nursing is a way for nurses to inquire into that which is fundamental about the human condition and to give truly whole person care in a multi-faith society. The most meaningful way of achieving this in the context of a diverse society is by digging through the mess of ideas and coming up with your own definition that works for you. In this case one size does not fit all. What are your thoughts?

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Spiritual nursing in a multi-faith society is addressed in the solution.

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We all are a collection of social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The later is what sets us apart from other lower life forms. Like a wheel, when skewed too far in one direction (too much time on the golf- course-physical, bar-social, etc.), it leaves a bumpy ride. The important thing for health care workers to keep paramount in service is to be mindful of the unique collage each person offers, including whichever application one may subscribe to, in terms of spirituality. Aligning a like-energy is better for healing than to fight against and go upstream, simply because of a process or procedure of the hospital or clinic.

The old way is the new way again and many centuries-old philosophies, traditions and spiritual directives are critical for health, healing, well-being and nursing methodology. Spirituality cannot come from text because it's an inside job, ...

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