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    Understanding the Pillars of Human Spirituality

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    Discuss the pillars of human spirituality, and explain how they can be put to use both personally and professionally

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    The Pillars of Human Spirituality

    Brian Luke Seaward outlines three pillars of spirituality:

    1. an insightful and nurturing relationship with oneself and others,
    2. the development of a strong personal value system, and
    3. the cultivation and fulfillment of a meaningful purpose in one's life (2001, p. 85-86, 90)

    Source: Brian Luke Seaward. (2001). Health of the Human Spirit: Spiritual Dimensions for Personal Health. Benjamin Cummings.

    Another way of looking at these pillars, corresponding to the above, is described as:
    1. relationships
    2. personal development
    3. social action

    Just human relationships refers to relationships that involve sound understanding of child and adult development. It also refers to developing accurate perceptions of reality and ethics.

    Personal development here looks at the importance of individual consciousness toward mature self-direction.

    The social action here talks about action with the intent of transformation ...

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