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Characteristics of Indigenous Religions

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What are the characteristics of indigenous religions? How are they expressed in modern spirituality?

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(1) What are the characteristics of indigenous religions?

The positive characteristics commonly associated with religiosity may be due to that component of religion that is concerned with upholding virtue and morality. On the other hand, the principles of indigenous religions reflect the social, political and the cultural character of people who identify with human behavior. Although Allwood (2006) assert that indigenous religious are rooted in the Judea-Christian faith, the origin and development of indigenous religions grew out of psychologies as a reaction to the Western view of morality and humanism. Grimes (2006) describes a fundamental character of indigenous religions in the following quote, "When the level of the event concludes, folks take off their animal rituals and association he makes; thereby learning that humans are must one among many marking human behavior" (82). This quote refers to beliefs associated with indigenous religions such as Buddhism.

For example, Buddhist monks in ...

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This solution describes the characteristics of indigenious religious and the expression of these religions in modern spirituality.

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