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Patterns in Indigenous Religions

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Identify and analyze three basic patterns in indigenous religions. Use examples from Native American religions to support your answer.

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The three "basic" patterns in Native American and indigenous religions include:

1) Spiritual Nature + Kinship
Relationships with ecology through the (super)natural is primary since 'invisible' or spiritual power is believed to be the life force of all. In other words there's a profound relationship with nature (e.g. other humans, flora, fauna) combined with myth or stories embedded in the beliefs, which those like Joseph Campbell discussed. Many believe the chi or power of nature exists within all beings of which everything is connected. A good example of this is with animals, such as an Eagle where some wear feather costumes for rituals, and many believe the bird possesses knowledge or power of which everything is connected. Plus, animals are often thought to be kin as brother, sister, or other distant relative of the tribe; and this view radically pre-dates Darwinism in ...

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The solution discusses patterns in Indigenous religions.

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