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Religious Interview Questions

What is your personal take on the religious questions below? Thanks.

1) Consider the religious images or phrases that you notice during the day (on television and the internet, music lyrics, and movie titles). How do you see religion integrated in the greater culture? What forms/patterns does it take? What issues recur?

2) How have you been formed by religious practice or tradition? What is your understanding of religion and its place in culture?

3) What influence has religion had in your life thus far? How has your religious practice caused you to distinguish between being religious or being spiritual?

4) How do you feel religion fits into our world today? What role do indigenous religions have in our high tech culture?

Thanks and Have a great day.

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Religious Influence

Hi there! Thanks so much for letting me respond to your post.

1) Religion touches on quite a lot, including almost all basic human experiences, so it's very hard not to see it. Grace, justice, forgiveness, "sin," right conduct, moral codes, and ritual behavior are probably the most major recurrent themes in media. It can take almost any form?from outright religious context to implied context in situational relationships. It can be depicted, said, acted, etc. Basically, because religion is so basic to human history, even if it's changing expressions now, it is integrated on almost every level.

2) I ...

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