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Conducting a Lawful Employment Interview

The article "Conducting a Lawful Employment Interview" is extremely comprehensive in covering the "do's and don'ts" of the interview process. In my opinion, some of the best information is the commonly asked questions which helps to guide an employer from violating any laws and still finding a qualified, fitting applicant for each position.

As we have all been researching for our paper about competencies, I am sure we have discovered the relevance of hiring employees that are a proper fit for the organization, their responsibilities, and the overall corporate culture and dynamic of the team. This is a difficult thing to assess during an interview, especially while avoiding illegal criteria.
Provide some examples of how an interviewer could avoid illegal subject matter and still evaluate for those ever important qualities.

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The interviewer needs to really strategically plan interview questions, which is the best way to avoid any potential liability issues that could develop. Questions that involve age, religious preferences, marital status, the age of the applicant's children, disabilities, and related areas should ...

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This solution discusses and provides examples of how an interviewer can avoid illegal subject matter while still evaluating for ideal candidate qualities.