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    World Religioun Report: Judaism

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    Please assist me with getting some ideas on my world religions report on Judaism. I need to have the following elements:
    1. Introduction of the religion-Judaism
    2. Name, location review of the site
    3. Interview summary
    4. Comparing and contrasting with another religion
    5. Conclusion
    6. References

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    Interesting report topic!

    One approach to helps you with an assignment like this one is to go through each section and explain what you need to do and provided suggestions and examples to help you for your writing your final report. This is approach this response takes. I also attached two supporting resources referred to in this response, and from which you can draw on.

    Let's take a closer look!


    I am wondering where you at with this report. Have you made a choice for the location of attending a Jewish place of worship? You will need to set up your interview appointment to interview someone from the Jewish Religion as it asks you to include an interview summary. I provided some questions to consider below to ask the person you interview.

    Let's look at each of the SIX sections.

    1. Introduction of the religion-Judaism

    Judaism is an Abrahamic religion -- faiths which recognize Abraham as a Patriarch. Other religions include Christianity Islam, and the Baha'i Faith. Jews comprise about 0.2% of the human race, buy yet Jewish influence on the world has been vast -- far more than their numbers would indicate (Judaism: Beliefs, practices, Jewish-Christian relations, news).

    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the Jewish religion through attending a Jewish place of worship and interviewing a person of the Jewish religion and comparing your findings with another religion.

    2. Name, location, review of the site

    First, you will need to locate Jewish synagogue and interview a person of the Jewish religion. It is often helpful to have questions prepared that you would like information to include in your report.

    So, this section will include the name, location, review of the research site e.g. Jewish synagogue site. You will describe the site, the building, the atmosphere, the people, etc. You will interview the person asking hem the ...

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    Provides assistance for the six elements of the World Religion report e.g., introduction to Judaism, makes comparisons between two world religions, examples of interview questions, etc. Supplemented with a comparison chart comparing Judaism with Christianity and an article on Judaism.