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    Michelangelo's Moses in Judaism and Christianity

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    In 100 to 200 words discuss how Michelangelo's Moses represents developments in world events and cultural patterns past and present in Judaism and Christianity.

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    Michelangelo's sculpture of Moses has been defined as a psychological masterpiece. For example, De Roberts (2007) writes that Freud analyzes Michelangelo's painting of Moses in a way that reveals the impatient nature of his role as a great leader and prophet. Freud contended that the sculptor wanted to capture Moses at the moment in which he showed external composure, but without resorting to external emotions. At the same time, Moses is portrayed as holding down his passion and saving the tablets of the law (198). Freud describes the sculpture ...

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    This solution provides a brief analysis of the paining of Michelangelo's painting of Moses. It discusses how this depiction represents developments in world events and cultural patterns related to Christianity and Judaism.