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Muslim's view of other prophets

How do Muslims view the prophets of Christianity and Judaism? Why is this view significant?

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Islam doesn't teach its believers to deny or discredit the earlier biblical prophets or the Scriptures. However, the Creator (Allah) does warn the believers in His Last Testament (Holy Qur'an) about the distortions, misconceptions, and pagan rituals inserted into the biblical narrations of earlier prophets, their teachings and practices.

This is the reason, therefore, while Muslims respect and honor all biblical prophets, also mentioned in Holy Qur'an, but criticize both Jewish and Christian holy books - The Old Testament (NT), The New Testament (NT) and Talmud - because, these books were written centuries after the times of the prophets, to whom they're attributed - Moses and Jesus.

Islam, though the youngest among Abraham's original monotheist religions, doesn't bring a new message - but it completes and corrects Allah's ...

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This solution explores Muslims' views about the Christian and Jewish prophets.