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    Tenets of Islam

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    What were the tenets of Islam and how were the Muslims suddenly able to build an empire? Assess the importance of the Muslim invasions for the development of Western Europe.

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    There are five basic tenets of Islam. They are:

    1. They believe there is one deity whom they call "Allah."
    2. They believe that Mohammed was the last of the prophets and the greatest of the prophets. Everything that came before Mohammed has been superceded by Mohammed's revelations.
    3. They believe that the Koran (Quran) is the main sacred text which defines Islamic faith.
    4. They believe that all men should revere Allah and do good deeds in his name.
    5. They believe in a final judgment which will judge all men according to their obedience to Islam.

    Specifically, they believe in the importance of the "Shehadah," the most important declaration of faith in Islam. It states that there is no deity but Allah and ...

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    What were the tenets of Islam are is determined. How Muslims were suddenly able to build an empire are determined.