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    Influences of Islamic fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia

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    I need an explanation of what the influences of Islamic fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia are.

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    The influence of Islam is not to be taken lightly since the country is Islamic in religious belief and legal principle. While they do business with the Western world, they do not accept or permit many behaviors or practices practiced. There is first and foremost the ideology of Islam. It is not, for the most part, the radical views and actions. Prayers are performed five times a day and this is not a negotiable behavior for companies. There are other influences in involved as well. Islamic tenets do not allow for the use of alcohol and so there is no alcoholic beverages served for meetings and in homes where business people might gather. There are limited businesses allowed to serve alcohol and none to those who are citizens of Islam. Women may work, but must wear covering that is acceptable ...

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    This solution discusses the influences of Islamic fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia.