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Comparative Religions

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How humans view their spiritual world constitutes a major theme of humanities. Through exposure to the foundations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, how would you say that they are connected in this view? Please consider their fundamental tenets, literature, artistic representations, and historical perspectives when answering this question and use these as supporting material for your argument.

To begin with, you should describe the religions and try to find areas of similarities and/or differences, depending on what viewpoint you want to take. Consider how followers of these religions view their spiritual world, which may even translate into how they view the material world.

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This solution compares and contrasts the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam

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Judaism is viewed as the religion of a chosen people (Jews). Judaism is a monotheistic faith that is drawn from and practiced through the Hebrew Scriptures. In Judaism, Yahweh (God) is the Father of a chosen people. Based on Jewish religious beliefs, human beings are made in the image of God, and have a spiritual and immortal soul. People have free will and have the agency to obey God's laws. Based on the practicing faith of Judaism, each person must obey God's commandment, develop morally and to live in peace. Obedience to God's laws and worshipping Him is viewed in the Jewish faith as having character that is focused on goodness, humility and holiness. The person can communicate with God through prayer and work. The Jewish people adhere to religious duties refered to in the Mitzvah, and expected to adhere to attributes of charity, good deeds, respect for human dignity, and humility (Nigosian, 1994).


Christiand hold a strong belief in God as creator, Who creater human beings in His own image. Thus, humans beings have a body and immortal spirit, or soul. Most Christians believe that human beings have free will, that is the power to choose good over evil. Christian belief is that human nature is basically ...

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