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    Monotheistic Religion Elements

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    I need to know the country of origin of: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
    Out of each of these religions I just need a little information on, b) Historical figures and events, brief description of their c) central beliefs, d) nature of God, e) Texts, f) Ritual and practice (sacred elements and their meaning brief), g) Ethics and morality.

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    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all developed in the Middle East. Judaism is the earliest of the three, developing in what is now modern Israel. At that time it was known by various names, such as Canaan, Israel, or Palestine. Christianity also developed in Israel. In the early days it was focused in Jerusalem, but began to branch out all over the Roman World after the miraculous events of the day of Pentecost, described in Acts chapter 2. Islam also developed in the Middle East, on the Arabian peninsula. It too would branch out all over the Middle East, and ultimately into parts of Europe and Africa.

    Key historical figures: The key historical figures of Judaism were Abraham, the father of the Jewish race, and Moses, who received the Hebrew law at Mount Sinai. Additions to the Hebrew scriptures were later made by kings, such as David and Solomon, and prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah. The central figure of Christianity is Jesus Christ, who Christians believe to be the Messiah promised in the Old Testament. The Christian religion spread mainly through the agency of Jesus Christ's apostles. Paul the Apostle did more than any other to spread the ...

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    The country of origin for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is discussed. The historical figures, events and central beliefs are determined.