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God and Monotheistic Religions

We know that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all profess the existence of just one God. Other religions, such as Baha'i and Sikh religions in Iran and India, are also monotheistic.

It would seem that in view of the conflicting religious doctrines, the God worshiped in one religion is not the same as that God worshiped in another religion. Note that it is admitted among Christians that the God of the Old Testament is the same as the God of the New Testament. So it would appear that the conflict between Jews and Christians is not over which God is worshiped. The real difference is between whether Jesus was the Messiah. Hence it makes sense to ask:

Is the God worshiped by Christians the same as the God worshiped by followers of other monotheistic religions?

The answer to the question is "Yes" if all the important attributes of the Christian God are the same as those of the other religions. The answer would be "No" if there were important differences; for example, the God of one religion is omnipotent and the God of another is not.

We must remember to focus on the attributes of God rather than on matters of doctrine regarding which are true scriptures and who are the messengers of God.

Go to a primary internet website to find a description of the God recognized by that website's religious sponsor. State one fact that you find to be interesting that either supports or contradicts the claim that the God of that religion is the same as the God of Christianity (150-200 words).

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