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Religion matrix for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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Please help me produce a religions matrix for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Thank you.

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Even though the formatting looks terrible here, I have copied the matrix here below so that the words could be used for search engines. Nevertheless, see the attached file to see a nicely formatted religions matrix for these three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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Judaism Christianity Islam
Countries of origin  Israel (Canaan)  Israel
 Rome  Arabia
Historical figures and events  Abraham, Moses, King David & Solomon
 Yahweh made covenant with Abraham and his descendants
 Exodus
 Giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai  Jesus, Peter, ...

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A highly detailed two-page example matrix that contains seven major areas of interest: country of origin, historical figures and events, central beliefs, nature of God, sacred texts, rituals and practices, and ethics & morality.