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    Abrahamic Faiths - Similarities and Differences

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    I'm trying to find information about Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I cannot seem to find things that I can compare between the three regarding their history, specifically in Palestine. Are there any similarities between them? I know that Christians and Muslims often rivaled to convert people but did the Jewish people do so also? Did they have any holy warriors like Templar knights or Jihads?

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    Judaism, Christianity and Islam have a long history but they did not develop at the same time. Judaism is much older than the other two. The first mention of Israel as a nation can be found on the Egyptian Mernaptah Stele and dates to 1213-1203 BCE. Religious practice in Ancient Israel was very different to how it is today, however, since it centered on ritual temple sacrifice.

    Christianity is often said to have begun with the birth of Jesus between 6-4 BC. Jesus, himself, was a Jew and it took several decades for Christianity to become a separate religion from Judaism. Christianity and Judaism both agree that the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is Holy Scripture (however, Christians also consider the New Testament to be authoritative). Jews, ...

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    Brief explanation of the timelines of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam including similarities and differences with regard to Scriptures and holy wars.