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    Religion Origins

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    Choose one of the theories about the origins of religion that most appeals to you or strikes your interest. Define it clearly. Then compare/contrast that theory to your belief about religion and reality of the human condition. We all have ways we come to understand or see the world. Take some time to reflect and offer your insight. Make sure the comparison is clear and concise and provides clear reference points for comparison.

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    In general, the origins of all known religions have inspired many controversies and debates, since the majority of original or traditional religions find their roots in oral transmission. Through the years, the lack of proper translations has caused many similarities in the types of worship, existence or non-existence of a God, gods, or goddesses. From the American Indian tribes to Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and ...

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    This solution discusses a theory about the origins of religion. The theory is defined, then it is compared to to beliefs about religion and the reality of the human conditions. The explanation is given in 254 words with one reference.