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Scots-Irish and Cherokee family of origin

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RE: Scots-Irish and Cherokee family of origin.

Give some background on the Scots-Irish, about them migrating to the US and why. Then I wanted to extrapolate relevant things from their culture (temperaments, problems (alcohol and tempers). Discuss an overall view of what it was like to be Scots-Irish.

Use these sources:

Hess, M. A. (2011). Scottish and Scotch-Irish Americans. Retrieved on February 11, 2011 from:

The West Virginia Encyclopedia (2010). Scotch-Irish. Retrieved on February 12, 2011 from:

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Scotch-Irish are sometimes called Ulster Scots, and as many other immigrants from across the Atlantic, and even thou about half of the Scotch-Irish came to United States to later become indentured servants, they stuck to their origins, culture, and lifestyle, such as the religion, cuisine, dancing, style of dressing, music, holidays, and family and community dynamics (The West Virginia Encyclopedia, 2010). The main reason for leaving the European ...

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