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risks and threats bring a community together

Discuss if risks and threats bring a community together. Why? Give an example.

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Remember - I cannot give an answer to the question. I can only lay out some concepts. I give you the ingredients, you make the meal.

Here are a few introductory concepts:

1. Human beings are naturally social;
2. Human beings take the family as the basic origin of moral legitimacy and social life;
3. There is an ingrained care for people like ourselves;
4. The fear of death or harm brings people together in the event of a threat. It is (in other words) self interested that people come together in the face of a threat.

Take a look here: Fear of Enemies and Collective Action; Ioannis D. Evrigenis (on google books)
Some basic arguments:

1. Ancient theory that war created the first states - people needed to gather together to fight off enemies. Our social life derived from this.
2. The concept of ethnicity or nationalism derives from the sufferings that a specific people have overcome. These sufferings induced peoples to react, creating institutions to protect themselves. This is the nation ...

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