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Threats to at risk teen organization

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Background: I am preparing a Strategic Plan for an at-risk teen girls and teen mothers non-profit Question: Below is the purpose, vision, mission and principles of an NPO that I wish to start. I am in the process of writing a strategic plan for it and I need to research potential threats from outside organizations or government agencies or global threats that might interfere with my plan or any of the items mentioned in the overview of my organization below? I need help identifying 4-5 threats that could potentially affect or impact my at-risk youth non-profit organization in the future.

Organization: LIFTED
Purpose: To promote education among at-risk teenage mothers while encouraging independence, positive self-esteem, personal responsibility, and perseverance.
Mission: To improve the lives of teen mothers and their children through educational, parenting, life and job training support.
Vision: To end the perpetuation of teen pregnancy amongst at-risk youth in the Washington Metropolitan area.
- Equitable opportunities for all youth.
- That youth can effect change and stop the cycle of teen pregnancy in their own communities.
- Empowering young girls and teen mothers through education.
- Preparing teens to be good students, good workers and most important, good mothers
- A stable support system, as it is essential to the success of teen mothers and at-risk girls

Reciprocity - LIFTED is committed to establishing reciprocal relationships between the organization and its stakeholders; at-risk teen-mothers and their children and at-risk teens' girls and their communities. Relationships that allow the exchange mutual goodwill to one another.
Positivity - LIFTED recognizes the transformational power of positive intentions, thoughts and actions. The organization encourages the promotion of these values throughout and in the lives of those who it serves.
Fortitude - LIFTED is committed to its mission and is fortified with the stamina required to affect change in the lives of at-risk teen girls until there is no longer a community need for intervention.
Responsibility - LIFTED subscribes to the notion that we are all accountable for one another and that a collective effort is the only way to achieve lasting change.
Success - LIFTED operates under the concept that failure is not an option. We believe that when we succeed in meeting the needs of our constituent then our communities succeed.

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I am providing five threats here. If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please ask.

Economic - this threat would be ongoing. Economic news, changes in the economic landscape, and perception of either can change the ability of a nonprofit to raise funds. It can also raise and lower the number of people who need help, possibly overwhelming an organization. Economic news that affects a group can be either local, national, or international. This is clear when one thinks of the way gas prices can rise on news of damage to a pipeline or a terrorist attack on an oil facility. In some cases, economic changes make it difficult to raise money for the organization or affects grants and other methods of obtaining funding. In other cases, the number of people who need the help or services of the organization can rise, creating shortages in funds available to help all. A combination can create even more havoc. Economics can impact the way funds are ...

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Potential threats affecting an at-risk teen girls in a non-profit organization are discussed.

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