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What the British Quarrel About

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The quarrels faced by the Britons: Analyze the role of that country's history, geography, political institutions, and its culture in relation to the quarrel.

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The solution is a 1,548-word narrative that looks at the topics of concerns most important to the British in light of their history, geography, political system and culture. Historical and current concerns are included in the discussion presenting the elements that make up the attitude of the Modern Britons of today. references are included. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing and download.

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. Since you did not indicate that you need advice on only one of the 2, I have chosen GB because of the availability of information online that you can research with. I am supposing that this is not about any particular quarrel but about socio-political debates in-country that concerns its citizens due to their shared history and other unique circumstances. This solution should get you started. Good luck!

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What the British Quarrel About: Immigration & Welfare

The unique history of the British from Empire to modern European nation is long and peppered with territorial, political and military victories. The country, a constitutional monarchy consisting of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland once controlled 1/3 of the entire world from the Americas, to Africa, to the Middle East to Australasia. This was during its Golden Age under the leadership of the monarch Queen Elizabeth I of the Tudor Dynasty in the 16th century. The costly wars with Spain and Ireland strengthened her navy despite the depletion of her then resources which at the end left England as the Old World's most powerful naval kingdom. Now, the 17th, 18th and 19th century were eras of British global colonialisation, the New World colonies were lost via the American revolution but up until the 20th century, Canada and several other international territories had remained despite the Post-colonialisation when independence was given to Britain's former territories at her varied stages and periods. What was created a the British Commonwealth where former colonies, now Independent are still considered to be 'part' of the Queen's influence as their 'Head of State' while the country is run by a duly elected parliament under the leadership of a Prime Minister. At the moment for example, the UK's PM is David Cameron, a Conservative. Now, with such a powerful history the people of Britain are a proud citizenry. The thing is, the Britain of today is a very multicultural, very forward and mostly political lot. Why so, with centuries as a global colonizer, the peoples from its territories have found their place within the British Isles - Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese (from Hong Kong), Caribbean natives (Jamaica, Virgin Islands, etc.), varied African former colonies, etc. Most of these migrant ethnicities have settled in the British Isles for generations and many of their younger members have completely embraced British identities and are unfamiliar with the cultures and traditions of their migrant forefathers. Still, modern migration continues to ...

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