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Regulation of the United Kingdom Film Industry - Resources

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1) What are any of the pertinent forms of regulation of film in the UK, including self regulation, government oversight, and regulation of content?

2) What are the names of these regulatory bodies, chief concerns with regard to content, and what aer their specific guidelines in place?

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To help you with your questions, I have located a number of websites you can go to for answering each one.

I strongly recommend googling "BBFC pdf" for further resources. Once you start to read about the British Board of Film Classification, each of the questions you've noted above will come rather easily to you!


Censorship and Regulation:

Content Legislation:

Video "Nasties" - Films that led to Content Legislation:

British Board of Film Classification: (their actual website)

British Board of Film Classification - the link to the definition of a ...

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The British film industry and the regulations in place to monitor content and 'protect' viewers from harm. Find over a dozen useful resources to discuss this within (links only).

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