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Telecommunications Business: Ericsson

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Assume you have been selected as a non-technical personnel at Ericsson United Kingdom. Bearing in mind the current and future telecommunications market (with emphasis on 4G mobile broadband) with regards to United Kingdom, how do you see yourself making a business contribution and impact in your role at Ericsson?

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Current Situation
Telecom is the sector that is rapidly changing in UK. It is a part of everyday lives of citizens and is lifeline for almost every business. Before 1984, telecom sector was looked after by the government of UK as a statutory monopoly. However, post 1984; the sector has seen a dramatic change with wider range of services becoming available. The government has identified telecommunications as one of the top ten sectors that are part of 'Critical Network Infrastructure'. There was a time when BT was the single largest operator in the country due to its growth in fixed voice market. When competition came from cable and other direct access providers, BT share fell dramatically. Increase usage of mobile witnessed the growth of major mobile network providers -Vodafone, Orange, and T-mobile. These companies started rolling out 3G services with intent to offer 3G handsets to most customers. The new age smartphones are the latest devices that have transformed telecommunications market in UK. The majority of homes have internet connection (25% in 2000 to 76% in 2011) while nine out of ten people own a mobile phone (36% in 2000 to 91% in 2011). The majority of homes have multi-channel TV. The number of mobile voice minutes has grown by 250 per cent over the past decade (from 35 billion to 125 billion per year), and the number of text ...

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