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    Stakeholders for Ericsson Telecom

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    I am researching Ericsson for a strategic planning paper. The essay is very lengthy and I need some help with stakeholder information about the company if possible. I could use some help answering these questions, which will help my cause. Thanks!

    In your opinion, which stakeholder group has the most influence in the industry of Ericsson today? Why?

    Which stakeholder group do you expect to have the most influence in Ericsson in 5 years?

    What will that stakeholder want?

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    This will be general information regarding stakeholders. It is important that you research Ericsson and see how you can apply the information that I am giving you to the corporation.

    The number one stakeholder in any company is going to be the consumer. It is important for companies to understand and recognize how the corporation is seen in the eyes of the consumer. What does the consumer like? ...

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    Stakeholders for Ericsson Telecom are examined.