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    Regulating Internet Usage

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    In China, much of the internet is regulated. Even computers sold in China had to be pre-configured with some form of filtering software. This I believe constitutes an invasion of privacy. Terrorism has driven the US and Europe to performing searches for key words in the millions of emails that pass through their servers.

    Some argue that governance of internet content will have to be executed as per each countries ethical beliefs and value systems.


    Is it possible to have one body regulating Internet usage the world over?

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    With the increasing usage of internet, there cannot be safety until nations implement international agreements that better define and regulate internet and set out new standards and rules for the industry. A stringent check over internet can curb many malicious activities and would act as a deterrent for criminal who look for opportunities to indulge in cyber-crime. Internet regulation would also prevent incidents related to frauds, identity thefts, credit card misuse, and many other illegal ...

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