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    Email, internet and privacy policy

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    What are the e-mail, Internet, and privacy policies at your job?
    What are the current laws regulating employee e-mail and Internet privacy?
    Why do companies implement e-mail and Internet use policies?
    What assumptions might employees make about their privacy at work?
    How do these policies affect employee privacy at work?

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    I work for a law firm, so email, internet, and privacy are quite important. In terms of email use, we can utilize our own personal emails as much as we want, as long as it is not work related at all. As far as work email accounts, we can provide no personal information with a client, unless we receive, in writing, permission to do so. Even then, what we can provide by email is limited if their work email is available for access by other individuals, such as their employer. Much of the same limitations are alike in terms of the Internet. Obviously we cannot access sites that would be inappropriate for any employee to access at work. Privacy policies are very strict because of attorney client confidentiality. We cannot provide any information to another individual, not the client, unless we receive expressed written consent to do so.

    The current laws regulating employee email and internet privacy is ...

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