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Abnormal Psychology Origins

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- Briefly describe the historical origins of abnormal psychology
- Give a brief overview of how abnormal psychology evolved into a scientific discipline

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Psychology has a history in the disciplines of religion and philosophy in which scientists speculated about the nature and identity of the human being. The role of abnormal psychology is to research questions regarding maladaptive (dysfunctional) behavior and mental processes. The scientific method as to how to study normal vs. abnormal behavior is the focus of abnormal psychology.

- Briefly describe the historical origins of abnormal psychology

Abnormal psychology derived its origins from medical model applied to illness and/or diseases. The concept of abnormal behavior is drawn on the medical model in the early decades of its existence, and based upon medical terminology. According to Watson (2006) what was considered abnormal in scientific inquiry is interpreted differently from earlier conceptions of "abnormal" based on medical models. For example, medical models of abnormality were built upon superstitions, witchcraft and mysticism in which people' behaviors were viewed as ...

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This solution discusses the origins of abnormal psychology as well as how it evolved into a scientific discipline. Four references are given for this approximately 495 word response.