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The Eucharist

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Christian Foundations: An Introduction to Faith in Our Time
by Kathleen Fischer and Thomas N. Hart

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The Good Life: Where Morality and Spirituality Converge
by Richard M. Gula
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1. What is â??spirituality?â?

a. Christian spirituality?

b. Describe key elements in your own spirituality.

2. Why pray?

3. What is prayer?

List the many ways that God speaks.

What kinds of experiences are/can be expressed in prayer?

4. How should we pray?

5. What is the criterion of Christian prayer? (Include the 4 specific indicators/criteria.)

6. Define sacrament broadly and more narrowly.

7. Why is ritual important to human life?

Recall some rituals you have experienced in areas of life other than in religious areas, (sports, friendships, family celebrations etc.) Describe symbols and actions that were a part of these rituals and the impact they had on the participants, including you.

Why are sacraments important?

8. Regarding Baptism,


Central Symbol:

9. Regarding Eucharist,


Central Symbol

10. What does Eucharist have to do with

(a) human expression,

(b) human meaning,

(c) the sacred in human life, and

(d) the paschal mystery?

11. Explain: The Eucharist is the center of Christian life because it expresses in ritual all the central beliefs of Christians.

12. How does Segundo understand the other 5 Catholic sacraments?

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Spirituality is the immaterial reality that enables an individual to discover the reason of their being. It has deep values and meaning by which an individual is to live by. To develop an individual's spiritual life, certain practices like meditation, prayer, and contemplation are done. Spirituality is the ideal thing that enables a person to be greater in their faith. To have a proper understanding of Christian spirituality, we have to look at the elements that make up Christianity; a set of beliefs, a set of values that are based on hope and the love of God and others, a way of life that the Christian has to abide by. These elements make Christian spirituality to be the part of way of life that an individual leads by following the Christian values. In my spiritual life the key elements that I consider valuable, are the denial of self and the embracing of the guidance that come from a power above (How Should, 2011).

Prayer is a form of religious practice that is undertaken by an individual to activate a rapport to a power that is greater, special and all present. The main reason one prays is to deliberately from a divine connection with God and place their requests, thanks giving and personal petitions to the lord. It is in prayer that we get to give our heartfelt thoughts to the lord and receive his guidance.

There are different ways in which the lord can speak to people; He can use the angles of God sent from heaven, through dreams ...

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