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John Calvin vs. Martin Luther

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Please discuss the differences between John Calvin and Martin Luther. Thank you.

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1. Luther was revolutionary in nature, but Calvin was legalistic.
2. Calvin believed in the doctrine of predestination. Luther believed in justification by grace through faith.
3. Luther and Calvin also differed on church government and rituals.
4. They differed on interpretations regarding Eucharist.
5. Calvin believed that Church is above state, but Luther had a secular view.

The protestant reformers Martin Luther and John Calvin had inherent differences over their theology. Calvin was a trained devoted lawyer and a priest born in France. The major difference between Luther and Calvin was that while Luther was ...

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This solution contains the difference between John Calvin and Martin Luther. Calvin was revolutionary but Calvin was authoritarian. Calvin preached about the doctrine of predestination, while Luther believed in justification by grace through faith. There were differences over church governance, rituals, Eucharist and authority of the church over state.