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Controversies in Christianity

1. A controversial Catholic figure, Alfred Loisy (1857-1940) is quoted as saying that Jesus preached the kingdom of God, but we wound up with the church. What might that mean today?
2. Jews and Muslims often claim that because Christians believe in the Trinity, they are not truly monotheists. Evaluate this claim.
3. If Martin Luther or John Calvin could travel through time to the present, what do you think their responses to contemporary Christianity would be? Explain.

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1. What Loisy intended could be two-fold, really: (A) the church is the kingdom of God, or (B) the church is not what the kingdom of God was supposed to be. For the first interpretation, this would mean that the church needs to live according to the values Jesus taught, and/or that what Christians need to accept is that they are the kingdom, and therefore if there is a problem in the church, or an expectation is not being ...

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