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Description of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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List some information with a short description about Martin Luther King, Jr.

450 words with reference

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Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the major catalysts during a pivotal point in American History. His actions directly contributed to the initiation of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s that led to the desegregation of our nation as we know it today. His impact on our society and culture challenged the long standing "Jim Crow Laws" that created separate but equal concepts between blacks and whites. Below we'll review some of the major points of his life from the beginning to his assassination in 1968.

450 words with reference

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Attached is the outline as requested. I've touched on the high points from his early life to his death in 1968. Below you'll find some other great websites if you want to review any other information.




I think if you're going to give a presentation there's a lot of information that you can put in your PowerPoint presentation. You can never go wrong as long you touch on the big things that include his background (education), hit the high points that include the walk in D.C. and winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and end with his unfortunate death.

Best of luck with your studies and if you need any further help just let me know. Take care and enjoy your ...

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