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    Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership

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    Read Martin Luther King's letter from Birmingham Jail at:


    Analyze the leadership and oratory styles of Martin Luther King Jr. through the lense of ethos, logos, and pathos, and compare his styles to your own

    Provide at least three examples of how Martin Luther King used ethos, logos, and pathos in his powerful and highly influential letter.

    How do you / can you incorporate ethos, legos, and pathos into your own leadership activities to increase your influence as a leader?

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    The leadership in oratory style of Martin Luther King jr. through the lens of ethos is very clear and distinct due to the fact this individual sought to practice ethical principles in all of his undertakings, which is the hallmark of a credible and ethical leader. In addition, this individual sought to ensure that those who are listening to his speeches or reading his writings come to the understanding that Martin Luther King Jr. is a man of strong character and determination to do what is right and just. The example of ethical actions in leadership is one of the strongest representations of pathos and respect to convincing others of the strength of his character. In respect to the practice of logos, Martin Luther King's leadership and oratory styles were based upon sound rational thinking and logical analysis and action. Due to these factors he was able to convince millions of individuals across the nation of the ...