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Leadership Theories of a Historical Figure

Compare and contrast the leadership theories presented in below. Find a historical figure (living or dead) who has been a leader and use one theory to explain the successes and failures of the leader you selected. What type of leader does this historical figure exemplify?

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There are many different leadership theories (1):

- Contingency Theory: This focuses on situational factors, the leader's preferred style, and the abilities of those following the leader. According to this theory, there is no leadership style that is best in every situation one comes in contact with.

- Trait Theory: This theory can identify distinct personality traits and characteristics of behavior that are shared by leaders. This theory presumes that people inherit specific qualities that make them better suited to be a leader.

- The "Great Man" Theory: This theory believes that great leaders are born, not made. It depicts these great leaders as often heroes that are destined to rise to be a leader when needed. I compare ...

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Discusses the various leadership theories in comparison and contrast. It discusses Martin Luther King, Jr., and the successes and failures of him as a leader as well as what leader he is an example of.