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Nursing leadership theories

Identify and evaluate three nursing leadership theories that can be used to guide the nursing leadership role in complex organizations based on standards of excellence. What makes the three you chose most useful in practice?

Please cite peer reviewed resources.

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Ida Jean Orlando can be applied to nursing leadership. The key concepts of this model
are that nursing is unique and independent. Rather than feeling like there is no answer for a
problem, nurses now are empowered by their own knowledge and theoretical base to not only
interact with patients but with other customers including physicians and management (George,
2010). Orlando provides a theorist as a generalist that can be adapted to most hospital settings
that may not have focused care.
Jean Watson has been regarding as a leader in theory and used for many Magnet Status
hospital. As a grand theorist, her caring aspects are used in different ways. As nursing leader
one can perform core competencies of the position while being regarded as compassionate. ...

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Nursing leadership theories are traced in a brief, historical contextualization.