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Teams, Team Agreement, Leadership & Diversity

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Diverse perspectives

1). In a team agreement or charter, how do you indicate that you've acknowledged diverse perspectives?

2). What mechanism could be used to accommodate changes in a team, if necessary? What might precipitate a change in a team?

3). Leadership in History: Are certain group dynamics more conducive to certain leadership styles?

Relate one or more of the following historical figures to one of the theories of leadership in your readings this week. Discuss what sort of power that leader wielded and to what type of group/team the historical figure lent leadership. You can select someone other than those included in the list, if you like, including famous figures in the world today.

1) Winston Churchill
2) Adolph Hitler
3) Mohandas Gandhi
4) Nelson Mandela
5) Margaret Sanger
6) Margaret Thatcher
7) The Beatles
8) Oprah Winfrey
9) Henry Ford
10) Walt Disney
11) Bill Gates
12) Sigmund Freud
13) Albert Einstein
14) Billy Graham
15) Che Guevara
16) Fidel Castro
17) Mother Theresa
18) Sam Walton
19) Mao Zhedong
20) Michael Eisner

Thank you in advance for your help.

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1). In a team agreement or charter, how do you indicate that you've acknowledged diverse perspectives?

You would include a statement saying something to the effect that you have are acknowledged diverse perspectives to the fullest extent possible. This is often included as an initial statement of responsibilities of the team (Example 1 below), as well as incorporated through the agreement or charter e.g. the need for listening to diverse perspectives during teamwork and decision-making. Also, when a work group is to be formed, in order to ensure an acceptable range of perspectives on the working group, additional members may be specifically invited to serve on the group by facilitators to add diversity or balance (Example 2 below).

Example 1:

The TF Members: Will provide a multitude of diverse perspectives, representing a broad scope of those impacted by floodplain management so that policy, to the fullest extent possible and will meet the needs and interests of the citizens of California and its natural environment ...

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