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Diversity on group performance

You are preparing to write an article for a professional magazine. It is about the value of diversity in teams. Research the subject using the Library and Internet and prepare an outline or a draft of the article you are to write.

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Diversity is a valuable tool if used within teams. If a team includes individuals with different background, norms, and opinions, the outcome will be varied. It is thought that a team that is diverse is "more creative and performs better than homogeneous teams" (Kravitz, 2007). Mainly this is due to the differing insight and opinions that are brought to the table in a non-homogeneous group.

Donald Clark states on the Diversity and Learning website, "To obtain the fullest competitive edge you need to create great teams by using the full potential of every individual. (1997)" This is quite true. We live in a capitalist society and our economy is based on ...

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A draft and outline for a magazine article on diversity in teams.