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    Diversity, Group Dynamics and Teams

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    A) Discuss in a managers meeting the differences and similarities between diversity and group dynamics or development. Give examples of groups that worked well and those that broke down and what seemed to cause that breakdown from your own experiences.

    Through this discussion, notice any threads of commonality and clearly identify them.

    B)You are going to make a presentation about teams. As part of the presentation, describe your experience in two types of teams:

    Discuss an experience you have had with a team that struggled and never really got to the point of functioning smoothly. Explain the factors that might have contributed.
    Discuss an experience you have had with a team that came together and was highly effective. Explain the factors that contributed.

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    // You are required to find out the differences and similarities between diversity and group dynamics. You can find this information in some books of human resource management. I am going to provide some overview so that you can better understand this point. First define the diversity and group dynamics and then define similarities and differences with an example. //


    Diversity and Group Dynamics

    In a business context, diversity can be defined as the approach to improving employee retention and increase consumer confidence. A group dynamics exists within group, which is a gamut of two or more individuals who interact and influence each other. With the advent of global business environment, it is enormously important to businesses and other enterprises that the individuals employed can effectively work together within the groups, especially when they are composed of people with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, experiences, and expectations.


    Diversity usually is concerned with the national or international scope of business and exists in large groups of workers who come from differing backgrounds whereas group dynamics is the study of group processes that exists in any kind of groups in the organization. Different kinds of diversity exist, e.g. superficial diversity (e.g. Differences in gender, ethnicity, and nationality) and deep-level diversity (e.g. Differences in knowledge and differences in values).

    Different kinds of groups are command groups (organizational group consisting of supervisors and subordinates), task groups (groups to achieve common task), functional groups (to achieve specific task), informal groups, reference ...

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