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    Workplace Diversity - HR

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    An explanation of two potential impacts of workforce heterogeneity (both functional and demographic) on team performance and satisfaction. Explain two potential benefits and two potential risks to team performance and satisfaction related to team heterogeneity.

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    Workforce heterogeneity will have many implications which can be positive or come with a set of challenges. The type of diversity within a team will effect performance in different ways.

    Functionally it is in the best interest of performance for individuals within the team to have individual expertise which is diverse from their co-worker's expertise. Each expertise will contribute to the team's projects in different ways creating a more well-rounded solution and method of operation.

    Age diversity will also effect the team positively as different generations will have a different insight and perception and, when working together, this can make a better overall team performance.

    Gender Diversity is another huge benefit for organizations. As more women ...

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    How diversity can effect team performance