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    Homosexuals and transgender Issues in the Workplace

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    Sometimes social pressures can show their head in the workplace. One of the most difficult issues to deal with as a HR leader is conflicting views on such things as religion and sexual orientation beliefs. However, the reality of your job or future job is that you will need to know how to ensure that workplaces are free from discrimination of all forms.

    Understanding the need to have awareness of diversity issues before you can help solve these issues. Discuss some of the stereotypes surrounding sexual orientation and identity. Specifically discuss stereotypes that homosexuals or transgender employees will face.

    Secondly, discuss what you as a HR leader will do to combat discrimination against homosexuals or transgenders in the workplace.

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    Transgender and homosexual are usually stereotyped in the workplace as sinners, perverts, and showy. Somebody is a homosexuals or transgender when their "gender and sex don't match" (Rayne, 2011).

    The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (2008) defined transgender as those including "transsexuals, cross-dressers and other gender-variant people".

    Transgender employees attract attention and commotion when they cross dress reporting to work.

    Transgenders experience discrimination in the workplace. The Willams Institute found out that "when surveyed, 16 to 68 percent of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people report experiencing employment ...

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    This solution looks at issues surrounding religion and sexual orientation in the workplace. Finally, to combat discrimination against homosexuals or transgenders in the workplace it is suggested that it is necessary for the HR in any workplaces to come up with gender guidelines.