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Reasons that many "white men" don't relate to issues of diversity

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What are some reasons that many "white men" don't relate to issues of diversity? How did September 11th affect the HR function in today's organization? What functions and roles changed? How can the HR manager diffuse personal attack and ostracism of workers with different personal and value backgrounds? Support your response by example if possible.

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What are some reasons that many "white men" don't relate to issues of diversity?
Some of the reasons that "white men" don't relate to issues of diversity is because they only think in terms of what is relative to them and anyone like them. Many companies have diversity programs in place but they are not working because until the higher echelon of "white men" start to take a stake in their associates of color and gender difference - it won't work. (Holder-Winfield, 2009)
"A recent study by Catalyst, the non-profit that conducts research about race and gender issues in the workplace, released a study last week that put statistics to the partner's retention quandary. According to the study, 86% of women attorneys of color leave their law firms by their seventh year. Even more startling, all of the firms that participated in the study have diversity and inclusion programs (Holder-Winfield, 2009)."
How did ...

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The reasons that many `white men` don`t relate to issues of diversity.

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