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    Problems in Employment Practices and Legal Issues in Diversity

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    1. What are some current issues in the news today regarding EEO? Cite at least three

    2. "White males may experience exclusion, too." Provide examples

    3. "Most persons who are discriminated against or who are harassed do not report the allegation or specifically do something about it. In the work environment many persons just leave their jobs when increased discrimination or harassment occurs. They may fear retaliation if they report their allegations." Discuss
    4. "There may be stages of racism in a work environment." Discuss and provide examples.

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    1. EEO in the News

    Equal Employment Opportunity or EEO is one of the manifestations of affirmative action taken by the government and instituted as standard employment practice across America as a policy against discrimination for the purpose of implementing full spectrum diversity. The struggle to implement full spectrum diversity in the workplace and in society is a continuous battle and as such, generates news headlines. The following news articles focus on issues in relation to EEO:

    1) Disparate Impact
    a) http://www.eeonews.com/news/race/casedismissed.html
    b) http://www.eeonews.com/news/race/fighting.html
    2) Gender Discriminatory harassment
    a) http://www.eeonews.com/news/harassment/genderbased.html
    b) http://www.eeonews.com/news/harassment/groping.html77
    3) Pregnancy
    a) http://www.eeonews.com/news/fmla/pregnancy&FMLA.html
    b) http://www.eeonews.com/news/fmla/pregnantworker.html
    4) National Origin
    a) http://www.eeonews.com/news/origin/workingabroad.html
    b) http://www.eeonews.com/news/origin/section1981.html

    2. White Males and Exclusion

    In the course of diversity and affirmative action drives with minorities being highlighted for the purpose of inclusion wherein the field is either white male or minorities, a significant number of white males have felt the exclusion of their own 'grouping' for the purpose of implementing 'diversity'. As companies and organizations are keen in making EEO targets by putting together 'racial' percentages of the ethnicity of their employees, ...

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