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    Gender Discrimination Legal Issue

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    Prepare a written legal issue analysis of a newspaper or magazine article that discusses a legal aspect of a specific diversity issue, such as harassment, ADA, and so forth. Summarize the diversity issue, analyze the legal concerns, and present your thoughts and beliefs regarding the issue. In presenting your thoughts and beliefs, contextualize your opinion in terms of the challenges of managing that diversity issue within your workplace.

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    Gender Discrimination & Employment: Carol Peck v Elyria Foundry Co.

    Equal Opportunity Employment is protected as a legal and social policy in the United States - everyone, in terms of employment, must be given the same opportunities, if they can provide the necessary services and skills to a hiring organization regardless of gender & sexual orientation, ethnicity & race, religion and age (foregoing certain specialist concerns). In other words, without strong self-evident reasons of refusing employment (not suited for the job because of lack of experience according to the demands of the job), a company must give the opportunity for ALL - this is the idea of equality v. inequality (one of the main tools in overcoming the notion of 'white privilege'). There are many ways in which people seeking employment can feel discriminated against due to the factors mentioned as well as the social situation of the hiring. The law is open to interpretation and argument but at the same time it is there, as the standard and basis of what is acceptably legal in society. One such incident of alleged discriminative hiring practice became a full-blown case when a foundry company refused to employ a woman, despite an established resume of experience and training on the job she applied for. The article, a legal review of the case Peck v Elyria Foundry Co. (Ohio) can be found here:


    A quick Summary of the Case provided for by Bob Gregg of the Boardman Law Firm (December, 2009):

    "No restroom is no excuse. A foundry claimed that it did not hire a female job applicant because it did not have adequate women's restroom facilities at that time. The court rejected this, stating that rejecting or delaying consideration of female applicants "due to the lack of women's ...

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    The solution below is an example of a legal issue in gender discrimination. It reviews the recently (2009) concluded case of Carol Peck v Elyria Foundry Co. in Ohio. The root cause of the case is alleged gender discrimination and non-practice of EEOC's equal opportunity rules. The varied aspects of the case is presented to ascertain claims. The solution is 1160 words in length. Web references are included and cited in-text using recent articles and legal opinions on the matter.