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    Ethical and Social Issue Guidelines

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    Ethical and Social Issues

    > Review selection guidelines on the following Web site:

    o http://www.uniformguidelines.com/

    > Identify an ethical, social, or legal issue associated with the development of measurement criterion in organizations or the process of evaluating human behavior and performance against criteria.

    > Locate two articles discussing the issue.

    > Include the following information:

    o Describe the issue. Identify the causes of the issue. Identify steps that could be taken to avoid the issue.

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    Please find guidelines and ideas regarding a legal issue down below.


    Running Head: LEGAL ISSUE

    Legal Issue in Wal-Mart
    The Issue
    Nowadays, organizations are facing lawsuits due to their unlawful HR activities. There are various real world examples that can be used to illustrate the occurrence of ethical, social and legal issues. Wal-Mart is the World's largest retailer and single larger employer of America. According to the selection guidelines, Wal-Mart does not follow proper criteria for evaluating human resource performance (Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, 2010). The main legal issue identified with the organization is based on the discrimination with female employees. The initial words of the manager that had played an important role for spreading the words of sex discrimination were that you are a girl and why do you need to be in hardware (Schein, 2007).

    According to the Equal Employment Opportunity law, these words of manager come under the illegal form to measure the human behaviour and performance of employees on the basis of gender biasness (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2010). The case of Dukes Vs Wal-Mart had played an important role to spread this legal issue against Wal-Mart.
    In December 1998, six Californian women had filed a case against Wal-Mart into a class-action. In 2004, federal Judge had expended the lawsuit on sex discrimination. It is the largest class action in US history since 1988 (Curry, 2004). The key issue is the Wal-Mart discriminates against women in promotions, jobs assignments, training, and pay throughout the United States (Schein, 2007).

    Causes of Issue
    Any issue or problem is based on the causes. In the case of Wal-Mart, ...

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