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Gender Inequality in the Media

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Can I get help with this discussion question: 'Examples of gender inequality are prevalent throughout all forms of media: TV ads, newspaper ads, billboards, magazines, etc. Do you believe the government should regulate gender inequality in the media, or is this a cultural issue? Why, or why not?'

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Gender inequality is socially constructed as is revealed in forms of media. Like any social construction that results in a significant group of people being discriminated against, it is only humane that the government become actively involved in the eradication of discrimination. The United Nations has established groups and conventions dedicated to eliminating discrimination especially regarding discrimination against women and children (i.e. CEDAW).

An example of a social construction would be the elimination of slavery and the Slave Trade. Slavery, and who determines who becomes slaves, is a social construction. Who was to say that Africans were slaves? They were living in their own civilization. Race discrimination was/is a social construction.

There is also discrimination with positive ends such as a ...

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This solution will assist the student in discussing the socio-cultural factors evident in gender inequality in the media.

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