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The Sociology of Celebrity Culture and Gender Roles

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1.) What do you think celebrity culture says about our larger culture? How do reality TV shows create instant "celebrities"?

2.) Discusses the significance of gender role socialization. What do toys suggest regarding the gender role expectations of boys and girls?

3.) What is the macro sociological perspective, and what is the micro sociological perspective? What are the benefits of each, and what is the benefit of using them both?

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1.) Celebrities may be admired by many for how talented or beautiful they are within the media. It may be difficult for one to avoid the newstands, ads, tv, radio or even having to buy groceries without viewing the latest gossip with celebrities on the magazine racks. It is essential to become aware of how sociological factors play a part in our lives. Benokraitis (2012) stated "sociologists typically use more than one theory in explaining human behavior, all of which try to explain why society is organized the way it is (p. 13). There are four main sociological explanations or perspectives used: functionalist, conflict, feminist, and symbolic interactionist. Celebrity culture and the media play a huge role in societal influences and how fame is glamourized through the many forms of media. In a functionalist view, how does one function on a daily basis in viewing these celebrity forms of media? In a conflictual perspective, how does one respond to the economic inequality of celebrity compared to the average citizen? In a feminist perspective, how are women being portrayed through this media (body image, pornography, celebrity bikini photos on newstands)? However, this should not influence how we see ourselves. This is where having an awareness of sociological factors can help one understand how society may influence our daily lives on multiple levels.

2.) Gender ...

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The sociology of celebrity cultures and gender roles are examined.